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Airport Trolley Advertisement, Advertising in Agra

Airport Trolley Advertisement

Advertisements on Airport Luggage Trolley

Airport Advertising Services in Agra, Advertisements on Airport Luggage Trolley in Agra. Over the past few years, Airport Advertising in Agra has emerged as a primary medium of branding due to the steadily increasing passenger influx. Airport Advertising in Agra provides access to a large target base of SEC A-B consumers in decision-making positions.

Today, Airport Advertising in India is a sought after platform for marketers across the country. This is because Airport Advertising in India has the following clear-cut advantages:
Targeted reach to corporate professionals, decision-makers and household breadwinners
Direct access to SEC A-B consumers (72% travelers are senior officials/executives)
Target age group of 25 - 55 years
High dwell time & uncluttered environment (According to an AC Neilsen survey, at least 73% passengers view airport advertisements.